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Who we are:

Arfon Jones was appointed as gig’s Field Officer when the organistation was established in 1999. Before joining gig, Arfon was General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance in Wales. Arfon has written a modern translation of the Bible, beibl.net. He’s an experienced evangelist, youth worker and preacher. He has also translated many contemporary worship songs into Welsh. Arfon is married to Rachel, and they have three children – Carys Mair, Seren Ann, and Ryan Dafydd.

Gwenda Jenkins: was appointed as gig‘s resources development officer in 2008. Since then she has developed and created many new resources for churches and schools. These resources are free to download at our sister site, beibl.net. If you have any ideas or suggestions about resources for either beibl.net or this site, Gwenda would like to hear from you. (gwenda@gobaith.cymru)

Ceri Darcy:  lives in Ammanford and works as a translator for the local county council. She is married to Rhodri and they have two children. The family worship at Ammanford Evangelical Church. “I am really happy that I can support gig in a practical way and it’s great being part of a charity that is seeking to help Welsh speakers come to know God through their own language.

Aron Treharne (Chairman): Originally from Penygroes, Caernarfon, but now living in Carmarthen. Pastor of Penuel Baptist Church, he is married to Elain and they have a daughter, Hanna. It is his desire to see continued development in the provision of Christian service through the medium of the Welsh language.

Rhys Llwyd: is the pastor of Caersalem Baptist Church in Caernarvon, and a smaller church in Dyffryn Nantlle. He produced short films about the Christian faith, ‘Torri Syched’. Rhys and his wife Menna would love to see churches in Wales showing and sharing Christ’s love in word and deed.

Sara Redwood (Secretary and Trustee): Sara is married to Alex and is the mother of three lively young boys. She works as youth worker at a church in Penarth, near Cardiff. Sara joined gig because she believes God has given her the ability to speak Welsh so that she can serve him, and  believes that gig is an excellent way to support Welsh-speaking Christians who may feel isolated. gig shows, through the medium of Welsh, how fantastic and exciting God is!”

Owain Roberts: Originally from the Llyn Peninsula, Owain now live in Aberystwyth and works at the National Library of Wales. He joined gig in May 2001 because he was eager to be part of a movement that encourages evangelism among Welsh-speakers of all ages. “As gig’s name implies, Jesus Christ is the only real hope for our nation.”

Siôn Meredith: Graduated at Bangor, but has lived just outside Aberystwyth since 1987.  He now works at the Welsh for Adults, Mid Wales Centre, at the University of Aberystwyth. He is married to Janet and they have two children, Hanna and Huw. The family worship at Eglwys y Santes Fair, Aberystwyth (Church in Wales). “I long to do something practical, in God’s strength, to bring hope to the Welsh-speaking community, and serving on gig’s committee is part of my outworking that vision.”

Simon Jeffs: originally from Worcestershire, studied Physics in London and then Aberystwyth where he met his wife and started learning Welsh. They have worshipped at Baptist and Methodist Churches and as a family felt called in 2002 to move from an evangelical English speaking church to join the Welsh Presbyterian Church. “We look for God’s Spirit to move powerfully again in Wales, and see gig as being one of the channels He can use if we are willing.”

Watcyn James: Was for 20 years a minister in the Crosshands and Tycroes area, near Ammanford. He worked for the Bible Society in Wales, hoping to promote the mission of the church of Jesus Christ in Wales. “I believe strongly that Jesus has a great work to do in Wales again, and am convinced that gig has a significant contribution to make in seeing that hope become reality.”

Gwilym Tudur: is originally from Cardiff, but studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. During term time at Aber. he is part of Seion Chapel, Baker Street. He became a member of gig‘s committee because he wants to see Wales turn back to faith in Jesus Christ. “God has already used gig to do great things in Wales, and I am confident that he will continue to use gig to further his work in Wales.”

Our Aims:

To Serve: Our aim is to serve Jesus Christ especially among the Welsh speakers of Wales. We want to be an instrument in God’s hand- to work with local churches, to share the vision and to provide new resources. Serving and collaboration are the key words.

Prayer: Prayer is absolutely essential if we are to do the will of God- we encourage Christians to support our work by praying for us.

To Collaborate: Working with local churches and encouraging cooperation between them to share the gospel among Welsh speakers, especially the younger generationgig is keen to support local projects, schools’ work, and to encourage Welsh speakers who worship in English speaking churches to reach out to their fellow countrymen and women.

To Encourage: We also want to encourage young people to join evangelism teams at home and abroad.

Resourcesgig has from the start put great emphasis on providing contemporary resources in the Welsh language, and they are free to download from either beibl.net or gobaith.cymru. 

Contact us:

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Support gig:

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If you have any questions you may contact the Treasurer: treasurer@gobaith.cymru

How to search for the Welsh translation of an English song:

Follow this link to our Homepage, and look for the box marked Chwilio (Search) on the right hand side of the page.

Type the English title into the search box. If the song has been translated then the Welsh translation will appear. If you have a specific request, please contact us.